Our goal is to provide you with the best environment to
realize your artistic vision.

The control room is stacked with top notch equipment and staffed with seasoned recording engineers who are patient, professional, courteous, and dedicated to capture the impeccable, dynamic sound your project deserves.

The live room was designed by studio owner, John Albino, and it will inspire even the most discerning artist. It has the vibe and feel of classic recording studios of the ’60s and ’70s with high ceilings, rich wood and fabric paneling, a performance stage, and vintage musical equipment that will blow your mind!

Explore Our Guitar Cavern!
Please check out our full equipment list.
1970s Wurlitzer Piano w/ Foot Pedal
1970s Fender Rhodes Piano “88”
Hammond XB –T2
Yamaha P-120
Alesis QS 6–1
1970s Sound City Flanger Piano
Samick Baby Grand Piano
Drums and Percussion
Sonar Special Edition Drum Kit w/ Oversize Bass Drum (6)
DW Performance Series Drum Kit (4)
Canopus RFM Maple Drum Kit (6)
Tama Grand Star Custom Series (5)
Yamaha Pro Recorders (5)
Latin Percussion Congas (2)
Matador Bongos (2)
1970s Latin percussion Congas (2)
Assorted Snare Drums:
Assorted Hardware and Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals
Performance: Recording
Shure SM58’s – (10)
Shure SM57’s – (8)
Shure-Super 55
Electro voice-676
AKG – 414s – matched set
PG 81 – (2)
D468 – (2)
Audix – D6
Senheiser – 609 – (2)
Senheiser – 604 – (3)
Senheiser- 804 (1) – Vintage 1960’s “Shotgun” Room Mic.
Electrovoice – RE 200
Electrovoice – D478
Octavia – MC 012-01
Beyerdynamic – M88 – TG
Electrovoice – D468 – (2)
AKG-DD 112
Senheiser – 602
CAD M179 – (2)
Engineering (Partial List)
Soundtracs Quartz
48 channel analog mixing board.
Built-in patchbay
Automated – fully functionable.
Mackie – DL32S
Full effects library.
Apple Tower Computer
Five Way Stereo Headphone Mix
Lynx-Aurora Interface (2 Units)
Recording tape machine
Otari CB-140 with remote control unit
Otari MX 50-50
Yamaha NS – 10’s-Set
Mackie HR 824s-set
Urei 809’s-set
Yamaha NS 40s-set (rare)

Other information upon request.

There is no place like Bulletproof Music Studio, and we offer recording packages for every budget.

Our goal is to get you the results you want make our musical home, your musical home.

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Bulletproof Music Studio is here to support and inspire your musical creativity!

As soon as you walk into Bullet Proof, you enter into a “rock ‘n roll” wonderland with amazing memorabilia, instruments and one-of-a-kind items collected over years while Bulletproof Music Studio founder, John Albino, was on the road playing and recording with some of the biggest names in music.

For over 21 years, Bulletproof has served as the perfect place for music lessons, recording and live music rehearsal. And, now Bulletproof is fully set up to clients who are looking for a fully functional video studio for live virtual events and live streaming with HIGH quality audio!

Our main performance room is the perfect spot for live music. It sounds amazing and is outfitted with top notch recording equipment, a full DMX lighting set up, a killer PA system, mixing consoles, professional video recording and streaming equipment, along with dynamic aerial microphones to capture true “live” sound.

It’s a place that will inspire you to express your artistic vision in style and a place you have to see to believe.

So, come pay us a visit and Step Into Inspiration at Bulletproof Music Studio!


“We found the recording environment very relaxing. Being comfortable is a critical part of any long, time consuming process. Everyone in the studio made us feel quite at home. Allowing us to use our own engineer was critical too. It afforded us the opportunity to deliver the high level of product that our fans have come to expect from the band… The ability to adapt to our sometimes-intense schedules was very much appreciated by everyone in the band… We will be sure to return to Bulletproof Studios to get the job done.”

Scott Kelly, Composer, Founder & Keyboardist for Wizards of Winter.

“My worship band rehearses at Bullet Proof Music Studio. I can say on behalf of our team, it is the best quality studio we have been to. Not only is the place pleasing to the eye, the equipment is excellent quality. Starting with John Albino and the rest of the team, they are an absolute pleasure to deal with. They are so beyond helpful with great attitudes. We are extremely grateful that we are able to utilize this amazing facility.”

Anthony DiGregorio, Lead Pastor, Crossroads Worship Center

“What makes Bulletproof Music Studio special? First off the owner, John Albino, is the warmest, nicest person you’ll ever meet. He makes it easy and fun to work at Bulletproof. I’ve spent many a hour working there, and I hold this studio in high regard. Check it out. You’ll see right away what I’m talking about.”

Jon “Jonny Z” Zazula, Music pioneer and founder of Megaforce Records